Angel Lin’s leaked pics and videos (Premium Members)

Angel Lin’s leaked pics and videos (Premium Members)About: Angel Lin

I am a lady who loves to experience life and I love to express myself through pictures. Believe strongly that a good snapshot stops a moment from running away and each and every photo tells a story of its own. I would want to expose myself to different themes and to be part of the many different stories created by various photographers.

Angel Lin’s leaked pics and videos (Premium Members)

S’pore actress reveals how photographer attacked her during photoshootAngel Lin’s leaked pics and videos (Premium Members)

25-year-old freelance model and actress Angel Lin was manhandled by a photographer after she was told to strip to her lingerie in what was supposed to be a club-wear themed shoot, reports The New Paper.That was not the first indecent request she received. Like her, other aspiring models and actresses The New Paper interviewed said there’s a casting couch culture in the glamour business here.But there is also a wall of silence because nobody hoping for the bright lights wants to displease talent spotters. Until an aspiring actress reported to the police how she was molested during a script-reading.Last Thursday, freelance film director Louis Law Jun Yuan was jailed for molesting the actress. Miss Lin, a paralegal, has sympathy for the actress as she has been misled and smooth-talked into dirty acts herself.Speaking about the budget hotel experience, she said the photographer saw her Facebook profile and contacted her last year, and said he wanted to take pictures which were for his personal collection.”It’s fast cash. My mentality is I don’t care what pictures he wants as long as he sticks to our agreement that the pictures are kept discreet and I get paid,” said Miss Lin, who added that she has pictures of herself in skimpy attire on her Facebook profile page.He promised her, $200 for two hours and all she had to do was dress in club attire and pose with a “relaxed but sexy feel”. But as the shoot went on, it got stranger. He started removing his shirt as he felt hot.”He started asking me to arch my back, show my ass, drop my bra strap. In between the shots, he will ask, ‘Will you be my girlfriend? I will shoot you every week and pay you regularly, it’s a good income.'”I was very uncomfortable and I was hoping he could tell I was feeling very ‘buay song’.” When she came out of the toilet and asked if they could shorten the shoot, he raised his voice and said, “No, why?”But before she could leave, the photographer had one more request – for her to strip to her lingerie, if not she could not leave. She refused as she had not agreed to do lingerie shoots, but things got physical.”He became violent and tried to stop me by pinning my hands to my back and pulling my bag. I told him to stop it. If not, I would call the police and shout for help.”Only then did he stop. Miss Lin said she decided against making a police report as she didn’t want to pursue the matter. She also did not want her parents to find out about the incident.For more entertainment news, visit Lollipop.

Angel Lin’s leaked pics and videos (Premium Members)Angel Lin’s leaked pics and videos (Premium Members)Angel Lin’s leaked pics and videos (Premium Members)Angel Lin’s leaked pics and videos (Premium Members)Angel Lin’s leaked pics and videos (Premium Members)

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Update on January 3,2015

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